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Wednesdays: 12:15pm and 6:30pm

Women of the Church

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Who is a member of the First Presbyterian WOC?

"The membership of the Women of the Church (WOC) shall be comprised of all women who join a Circle. It is desirable that every woman of the congregation be a memberwoc of the Women of the Church. A member attending or contributing financially shall be considered an active member." WOC By-Laws Article 1. Section 1.

What is a Circle?

Circles are small groups of women who gather monthly for fellowship, Bible Study, and service. First Presbyterian has fourteen Circles which meet on a variety of days at many different times to suit the schedules of most women. Each Circle has a personality all its own and women are invited and encouraged to visit any and all Circles.

Description of Circles

Circles Schedules

How do I join a Circle?

For information on joining a Circle, contact General Circle Chairman Laurie Cannon.


2017-2018 Calendar

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