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Women of the Church

WOC - Salad Day Annual Awards

Submission form
It is time to consider nominations for:

  • Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership in the WOC is the highest honor awarded to WOC members in recognition of extraordinary Christian service to the WOC.

  • Partner in Ministry Awards

Partner in Ministry award may be given to a man or woman, recognizing outstanding service in the church.

  • Love Gifts and Memorials

Love Gifts and Memorials may be given in honor or memory of church members.

Awards will be presented at the Salad Day Luncheon on Tuesday , May 16.
Nominations should include a description of service and be submitted by Friday, April 14, to Lisa Jones at
1 Braddock Point, Columbia, SC 29209, or email to Use a form to submit. (optional)

Prayer Emphasis Event 2017

You can hear Dr. Thomas' talk and download the handout here: Praying God’s Word Dinner.   

Purpose of the Women of the Church

The purpose of the Women of the Church is to glorify God. We provide avenues for personal spiritual growth and the development of spiritual gifts, expressing our God-given compassion through fellowship, prayer support, and care and assistance in time of need, thus equipping and touching the lives of women who in like manner share the love of Christ with families, the community, the nation and the world.


Who is a member of the First Presbyterian WOC?

"The membership of the Women of the Church (WOC) shall be comprised of all women who join a Circle. It is desirable that every woman of the congregation be a memberwoc of the Women of the Church. A member attending or contributing financially shall be considered an active member." WOC By-Laws Article 1. Section 1.

What is a Circle?

Circles are small groups of women who gather monthly for fellowship, Bible Study, and service. First Presbyterian has fourteen Circles which meet on a variety of days at many different times to suit the schedules of most women. Each Circle has a personality all its own and women are invited and encouraged to visit any and all Circles.

Description of Circles

Circles Schedules

How do I join a Circle?

For information on joining a Circle, contact General Circle Chairman Marianna Cartin.

Women of the Church Officers

WOC Board 2016-2017


2016-2017 Calendar

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