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World Ministries - Missionaries


The following missionaries are supported and prayed for by First Presbyterian Church:


Jeff and Suzanne Allers


The Allers (FPC mPicture1embers) are World Witness missionaries serving in Berlin, Germany. They have partnered with German nationals in three different urban church planting efforts in former East Berlin. Their ministry emphasizes hospitality and neighborhood outreach, which also now includes a large refugee population. They have two sons: twins Ben and Sam.












Scott and Victoria Andes



Victoria and Scott (members of FPC) for many years served with World Witness—most recently in Kiev, Ukraine.  They are now serving with RUF International on the campus of the University of South Carolina ministering to internationals. They have three children: Nathan, Aimee, and Diana. 





Sebastien and Patti Benicourt



Patti and Sebastien serve among Turkish people. In 2017, they transitioned from Turkey to France where there are thousands of Turkish immigrants. The Benicourts have five children: Joel, Elise, Simeon, Silas, and Elijah. 






wm-berthiaume.JPGScott and Tonia Berthiaume

After many years as Wycliffe/SIL Bible translators for the Northern Pame people  in Mexico, Scott has become Director of Training for translators in the Americas.  Tonia remains involved with certain aspects of the work in Mexico. They now reside in Dallas, Texas. The Berthiaumes have four children, Nathan , Zachary, Mikael and Emma .





Brickeys.JPG Justin and Gillian Brickey

The Brickeys (members of FPC) are approved World Witness candidates for service in Spain. They will become part of church planting efforts in northern Spain. The Brickey have four boys (Alex, Nathan, Silas and Zeph).







Dariusz and Brooke Bry?ko

Dariusz and Brooke (FPC Members) are serving as church planters with World Witness in Warsaw, Poland, near the University of Warsaw. Their ministry will be a two-pronged effort - establishing a church in the University area and a Center for Reformation Studies. The Bry?ko's have three children (Levi, Ava and Anselm).



John and Sarah Ellen Carson

Dr. John Carson is teaching materially poor pastors in the Third World through our denomination’s Mobile Theological Training Team (MT3). Training pastors in their own country and culture by partnering with national Theological Schools keeps these pastors with their churches and with their families. He is also working on special assignments from the Executive Director of World Witness.




Jim and Gala Coad

The Coads are World Witness veteran missionaries. Jim is currently working on special assignments in Mexico.








Dennis and Rhonda Conroy

The Conroys along with their children Hannah, Daniel, Elizabeth, and Abigail serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Phillipines where Dennis serves southeast Asia specializing in the preparation for printing of translated Bible texts.


 wm-elliot2014.JPGCurt and Edina Elliott

Curt and Edina Elliott (FPC members) serve in a large Asian country. Curt - a medical doctor - serves in a clinic and they are part of a broader effort in the area.

The Elliotts have six children.




David and Annelies Galletta

Dr. Galletta has partnered with Dr. John Carson and Dr. Jack Whytock for the World Witness Mobile Theological Training Team (MT3). In this role he has served primarily in Kenya, South Africa, and Ukraine. Dr. Galletta and his wife, Annelies, previously served as World Witness missionaries in Russia.



Andy and Nannette Howard

The Howards (FPC members) have served with World Witness in Pakistan.  .Andy continues overseeing the redevelopment of ARP Mission Schools traveling multiple times a year to Pakistan.  The Howards have three grown children.








Miriam Jerome

Miriam (an Associate member) serves as Ministries Coordinator with Godspeed  Resources Connection – a ministry to missionaries and their families who find themselves for short or extended periods in the Columbia area. She had previously served as a missionary in Japan for 15 years along with her family.





Dr. Peter Jones

Dr. Jones is the Executive Director of truthXchange (formerly known at CWiPP - “Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet.” ) TruthXchange exists to expose the “new spirituality,” showing that it “exchanges THE truth for THE lie.” They are starting a new college ministry to bolster the witness and confidence of Christian students on secular campuses.




Jeff and Lisa King

The Kings (FPC members) are World Witness missionaries in Spain. Jeff is teaching at an Christian International School outside of Madrid, Spain. The Kings have three children.






Doug and Alleene Kracht

Doug and Alleene (FPC members) serve with WorldTeam and as Cooperative Missionaries with World Witness. Having served in a couple of settings overseas, Doug now serves WorldTeam through training and equipping its missionaries as well as through the production of educational and resource materials.




Dennis and Cynde Morgan

The Morgans (FPC members) are currently laying the foundation for being part of ministry efforts in Vienna, Austria with World Harvest Mission. They have two grown children.


wm-ponomarov2-2014.JPGAlex and Irina Ponomarev

The Ponomarevs (Associate members) serve with MOST. MOST is the Russian word for “bridge” and stands for “Ministry of Outreach to Slavic Tribes.” Most of their year is spent in Columbia in outreach and discipling ministry to the Russian speaking community of Columbia. Some of their year is spent helping US churches and ministries in Russian speaking countries. The Ponomarevs have two grown children. (FPC Russian ministry)



Paul and Missy Robelot

The Robelots (FPC members) are returning to France to serve with TEAM. Their focus will be pastoral care of missionaries serving in Europe with TEAM as well as supporting a church planting effort in France. They are Cooperative Missionaries with World Witness.



The Thomas Family

The Thomas Family is serving with their family in a Middle Eastern country.





Andrew and Dorciane Toth

The Toths (FPC members) serve with World Indigenous Missions. Andy is serving as Director of Training in the WIM home office in New Braunfels, TX. He and Dorciane work with new missions candidates, drawing on their years of experience in Mexico.



Mark and Natalie Witte

The Wittes (FPC members) are World Witness in Spain where they will become part of a new World Witness church planting effort in northern Spain. They have two children.





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