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World Ministries

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First Presbyterian Church has a growing interest and commitment to the Lord's work around the world. From a historical perspective this work is traced back to Jesus' words during a resurrection appearance: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:19. It is amazing to consider what has taken place over those 2000 years since he spoke those words. The gospel has spread and the church has been established in a geographic sense to the ends of the earth.

But there is still work to be done. There is still reason to be faithful in our response to Jesus' words. In that light, First Presbyterian Church is humbled by its opportunity to not only support missionaries, but to send a number of our own into the world to be a part of this important work. The backbone of First Presbyterian's world ministry is in its support and encouragement of missionaries. As this website gives a brief glimpse of their stories please consider praying for them.

Neal R. Mathias - Associate Minister of Missions


Mission Trips

Our ministry support in Pakistan

We are grateful for the nearly $70,000 that was given as a special Easter Offering in 2015 to help ministries in Pakistan.

This offering served two ministries in Pakistan – ARP Schools and the Christian Hospital (Sahiwal, Pakistan). The primary focus of the ARP Schools gift would be to help with additional school construction, to develop a library, and to provide for teacher development. The primary focus of the Christian Hospital gift was the Charity Fund for patients that otherwise cannot afford care.

Since the inception of the hospital over 100 years ago, there has been an effort to provide medical care for the most needy who could otherwise not afford it. The motive for this is the gospel. In the gospel we received what we could not afford or purchase – our salvation. Medical care provided for those who cannot afford it reflects this gospel truth. Such care is provided through the Charity Fund of the hospital which is sustained by outside gifts.

And the schools? Our gift for the schools supported the effort to provide an education that – the Lord willing – might affect in a positive way the future of the Pakistani ARP church. How? By providing an education that has been desperately lacking. For over 40 years the Christian community has largely received "crumbs" for the education of their children. The return of the schools is an opportunity to improve the educational diet that the upcoming generation will receive. Our gift, focused on the development of a worthy library, teacher training, and much needed facilities.

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