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Wed@First - The Apostles Creed

The Apostles Creed for Today

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Wednesdays@First - Fall 2015

September 2 -  November 18, 2015

September 2     The Father Almighty   John 1:1-18 Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas

September 9     The Maker of Heaven and Earth   Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas

 September 16     The Incarnation of the Son

September 23     The Cross and Burial

September 30     Descent into Hell… What’s the problem?

October 7      The Resurrection

October 14     The Ascension

October 21     The Holy Spirit

October 28     The Catholic Universal Church

November 4     The Communion of Saints
Our apologies - due to technical difficulties, this lesson was not recorded.

November 11     The Forgiveness of Sins

November 18     The Resurrection and Life Eternal

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