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parenting 2017

“Raising Children in a Digital Babylon”

2017 Parenting Conference

With Dr. David Murray

October 13-14

Conference Brochure

How do parents and children pursue the preeminence of Christ and His Word in their family lives when the distractions and demands of the digital age have seemingly captured our undivided attention?



Raising Children in a World of Unbelief

Parenting Conference 2015

Rev. Matt Lucas

September 18-19, 2015

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Our world seeks to squeeze us into its mold. How can we raise children who are becoming increasingly conformed to the image of Christ instead of following the pattern of this world?


"Raising Boys to be Men and Girls to be Women" part 1 (boys) - September 18, 2015 


"Raising Boys to be Men and Girls to be Women" part 2 (girls) - September 18, 2015 


"Raising Children Who Think Biblically" - September 19, 2015


"Raising Children with the Power of Grace" - September 19, 2015 

Raising Children in a Digital Age

March 18, 2014

Conference Overview

Among those who came to David were the men of Issachar "who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do" (1 Chronicles 12:32). As Christians in a digital age, we are to understand our unique times and gain wisdom from God and his word as we consider our high calling and privilege of parenting our children.

This seminar examines the opportunities and challenges that technology presents to our children and  evaluates our role as parents so that our children may be nourished in the "discipline and instruction of the Lord" (Ephesians 6:4).

"Jesus & Child Development" - Luke 2:52 - Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas


"Technology: The Good and the Bad" - Jack Deal


"Three Biggest Needs Children Have for Becoming Healthy Adults"
Dr. Tom Barbian


Hope For Your Home: The Covenant Promises of God Parenting Conference 2013

Dr. David Sinclair

March 15-16, 2013

Conference Brochure

"Covenant Promises - Baptism as a Sign and Seal of God's Covenant of Grace" - March 15, 2013

"Covenant Responsibilities" - March 16


"The Heart of the Covenant and the Heart of the Child" - March 16

Excerpt from "First Things" Vol. LXIII No. 11, March17, 2014

Hope for My Home?

Quite frequently, I recall a statement of my mother, "David, do not forget to learn from those who have gone before you." Considering what others have to say can help us. Learning from parents and grandparents who have gone before us and survived the parenting process can be especially beneficial.

When it comes to raising children, many of us have our "go-to" people. As I consider being a parent, I go to one of our former ministers, Benjamin Morgan Palmer. This giant of a pastor served our congregation in another age—from 1843-1855. In his stellar book,

The Family, our pastor’s voice from the past is relevant to parenting today. Palmer reminds us that we raise our children for eternity: "Children are given to us, not simply to be enjoyed and caressed, but to be educated—to be educated for this life and for the life to come" (p. 79).

As we seek to educate our children for life in our twenty-first century world and for eternity, we need help. There is much hope for our homes. The Bible reminds us that we are not alone in raising our children. We are part of Christ’s Church in which, as members, we take vows at children’s baptisms to assist parents in the "Christian nurture and rearing of children." Moreover, the resources of our Mighty God also come to bear in Christian parenting. God has given us the very promises of his covenant for the raising of our children.

This is the theme of our weekend

Parenting Conference—Hope For Your Home: The Covenant Promises of God—with Dr. David Sinclair, Senior Pastor of Clemson Presbyterian Church. While the registration for the nursery and elementary children is full, there is still plenty of room for parents, grandparents, and members who want to support our families. We will gather in Jackson Hall on Friday, March 15, from 6:00-8:00 p.m., and again on Saturday, March 16, from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. to receive help in parenting. Included is a panel discussion with David and his wife, Becky, who have three grown children. The cost, which includes a light meal on Friday and refreshments on Saturday, is $6.00 per individual or $10.00 per couple, to be paid at the door. A book table of solid resources for parents and children alike will be available. We invite you to join us for this parenting conference.

The Psalmist reminds us there is great help for our homes: "Unless the L

ORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain" (Ps. 127:1a)." As we educate our children for "this life and for the life to come," there is great hope and help for our homes in God and in his covenant promises!

Rev. David Lauten

Minister for Familes

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