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Library - New Additions

First Presbyterian Church Library

The Church Library is located in Room 200 of The Bridge and open every day, except on Saturdays. Books are for sale from the Book Service with payment envelopes on the first floor of The Bridge.

Children’s Library is located in Room 100 of the Thornwell Education Building. Check it Out!



173.4                     RAISING TEENS IN A HYPER-SEXUALIZED WORLD by Eliza Huie

178.2                     ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN: Marriage and Same-sex Relations by Joel R. Beeke

220.1                     THE BIBLE: God’s Inerrant Word by Derek W.H. Thomas, Banner of Truth

227.3                     SECOND CORINTHIANS: Staying True to the Gospels by Derek Thomas, 15 CDs Album

227.4                     HERE I STAND: An Exposition on Galatians by Derek W.H. Thomas, 8 CDs Album

230.2                     WESTMINSTER CONFESSION OF FAITH Part 2 by Derek W.H. Thomas, 13 CDs Album

230.2                     THE TRINITY AND THE COVENANT OF REDEMPTION by J. V. Fesko

230.2                     THE THEOLOGY OF THE WESTMINSTER STANDARDS: Historical Context and Theological Insights by J. V. Fesko

234                         THE WHOLE CHRIST STUDY GUIDE by Sinclair B. Ferguson

234                         AMAZING GRACE: God’s Pursuit, Our Response by Timothy George

240.3                     WORD, WATER, AND SPIRIT: A Reformed Perspective on Baptism by J. V. Fesko

248.843                 IN HIS IMAGE: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character by Jen Wilkin

251                         EXPOSITORY EXULTATION: Christian Preaching as Worship by John Piper

254                         THE GOSPEL COMES WITH A HOUSE KEY: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian World by Rosaria Butterfield

254                         WORDS IN SEASON: On Sharing the Hope that is Within Us by Leon Brown

254                         A LONG OBEDIENCE IN THE SAME DIRECTION: Discipleship in an Instant Society by Eugene H. Peterson.  Same Title Study Guide.

271                         CALVIN’S COMPANY OF PASTORS: Pastoral Care and the Emerging Reformed Church, 1536-1609 by Scott M. Manetsch, Oxford University Press

277                         RELEVANT READING: Investigating Historical Documents in Today’s World by Delana Heidrich

Children’s Library in Thornwell

277 Blu                 THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND NATION by Michael J. McHugh

277                         OUR NATION UNDER GOD by Michael J. McHugh

277                         STUDYING CHRISTIAN LITERATURE by Michael J. McHugh

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