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Gen2Gen - Capital Campaign

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Seeking God is always the most important step in all that we do. Ask Him what he would have you give towards this campaign. After prayerfully considering what God has laid on your heart , plan how you will carry out God's will in your giving.

Complete a pledge card with the amount you believe God is leading you to give in this campaign.

Online Giving

Contributions to First Presbyterian Church may be made in one of two ways:

  1. Debit cards: Debit cards may be used for tithes or offerings, memorials, payments for trips, books, etc.
  2. Drafts/Electronic Check: Drafts may be authorized for the church to automatically draft your checking account.

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I am thrilled by the Lord's providence that has come our way. We have an opportunity to experience the joy of giving in a way that will be a test of our discipleship. I am certain that for many of us, this experience of giving will prove a landmark, a moment when we realize in a new way that we are stewards of all we have and all we hope to have.

The apostle Paul embarked on a similar capital campaign. For about 3 years of life, he seemed preoccupied with it. Raising funds to help Christians in Jerusalem, he appealed to the Corinthians to give - no, to out-give the churches further north of Corinth. You can read about it in 2 Corinthians 8. Despite their "extreme poverty" (2 Cor. 8:2), they insisted that they be included (2 Cor. 8:4), giving proportionally according to their means (2 Cor. 8:12) and sacrificially- beyond their means (2 Cor. 8:3).

I urge everyone - yes, every one of you prayerfully to consider giving generously and sacrificially to this ministry project. I desire that this be a vision that all of us capture. Our Capital Campaign Committee chairman is certain that we can raise $8 million, pledged over five years - and that, within 90 days. To accomplish this goal, we will need to exceed what we may have given in the past. Let's do this and magnify the gospel!

Derek W.H. Thomas
Senior Minister

"A Moment of Opportunity: Gen2Gen Campaign"
First Things cover by Dr. Thomas, February 7, 2016>

Providing for Generations to Come - Introduction by Dr. Thomas - Read more>

Cost Analysis

In God’s provenance, through a sealed bid process, First Presbyterian Church acquired the property located at 1400 Lady Street for $4.1 million. The building will meet our ministry needs, solve our church’s space issues, and will provide opportunity for expansion as our church grows. In the very near future we wiII see over 6,000 housing units appear in the downtown area. Soon we will become dependent on this building for a great many activities.

The restoration of the building for ministry needs will comprise the remainder of our campaign goal. The refit of the building will include new air conditioning, a new roof, new elevator, better rest rooms, and reworked parking. The total amount is a provisional one and includes allowance for contingencies, permitting, and design work.

With these commitments to expanding God’s ministry, we are challenging ourselves with the Gen2Gen Capital Campaign to pledge $8 million over a 5-year period beginning October 2015.

Opportunities for Ministry

Building Ministries of Our Church 

Video with David Henderson, Director of College Ministry

Building Specs

Diagrams of the building program

Capital Campaign Committee Members

For additional information or questions you may have regarding the Gen2Gen Capital Campaign, please contact any of the following members of the Capital Campaign Committee:

Jimmy Herlong, Chairman
Holt Chetwood
Ansel Bunch
Chandler McNair
William Cason
Emily Metzger

The wisdom of the Holy Spirit that guided our founders continues
to lead us today.

We are grateful for the faith and generosity of the many people through the years who have played a part in shaping the story of First Presbyterian Church and developing the ministry that continues to bless us. We honor God by remembering those who provided for us and now we, as the current generation of God's people, have the privilege to be a part of yet another incredible display of God's power as we develop the newly acquired 1400 Lady Street building.

Through the Gen2Gen campaign, we can work together as a family fellowship to do many things none of us could do on his or her own.

Won't you consider the ministry opportunities above
and be a part?

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