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Wednesdays: 12:15pm and 6:30pm

Session Committees

Session Committees for 2016

Administration Committee Convener: Ken Wingate
Session Clerk: Lanny Lambert

1. Christian Education: Adults

Convener: Mark Barrow
Billy Giles
Oran Smith
Bond Nickles
Ted Reading

2. Christian Education: Christian Growth and Nurture

Convener: Ansel Bunch
Edward Clarke
Chip Smith
Clarke McNair
Jack Haynes
Craig Hess

3. College & Seminary Student Ministry

Convener: Robby Woodard
Jerry Brewer
Jon Dando
Tom Stonecypher

4. Congregational Outreach

Convener: Bill James
Bruce Easterling
Bill Neely
Bill Sweeny
Culver Choate

5. Pastoral Care

Convener: Tom Ryan
Steve Joye
Norm Kent
Steve Folks
Lee Harvin

6. Personnel

Convener: Paul Riddle
Ransey Bowers
Randy Folks
Jimmy Herlong

7. World Missions

Convener: Frank Hill
Steve Auld
Charlie Cate
Robert Belding
Rick McCain

8. Worship, Music and Sacraments

Convener: Dan Cannon
Bruce Williams
Russell Dunbar
Gordon Query

Church Officers

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