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Wednesdays: 12:15pm and 6:30pm

Church Officers

The Session

"To the office of ruling elder shall be chosen men of wisdom, discretion, sound faith and Godly life, and who are qualified under the standards recorded in Scripture." - Associate Reformed Presbyterian Form of Government

Session Committees for 2016

Class of 2016

 Mr. Steven Auld  Dr. Frank C. Hill
 Dr. Robert H. Belding  Mr. C. Clarke McNair
 Mr. Ansel C. Bunch, Jr.  Mr. Theodore H. Reading
 Mr. Edward S. Clarke  Mr. Kenneth B. Wingate
 Dr. William C. Giles  Mr. Robert A. Woodard III

Class of 2017

 Mr. Mark S. Barrow  Mr. William H. Neely
 Dr. Bruce M. Easterling  Mr. M. Bond Nickles III
 Mr. Steven M. Folks  Mr. J. Paul Riddle
 Mr. Steven L. Harvin  Mr. O. Stanley Smith III
 Dr. Richard S. McCain  Mr. Thomas E. Stonecyper, Jr

Class of 2018

 Mr. Jerry Brewer Mr. Norman Kent (Norm)
 Mr. Daniel C. Cannon, Jr.  Mr. Lanneau Lambert, Jr. (Lanny)
 Mr. Charles Cate, Jr.  Dr. Gordon S. Query
 Mr. Jon Dando  Mr. Thomas Ryan (Tom)
 Dr. William C. James, Jr.  Dr. Oran Smith

Class of 2019

 Mr. Ransey Bowers  Mr. James A. Herlong
 Mr. Culver Choate, Sr.  Mr. Craig Hess
 Mr. Russell Dunbar  Mr. Steve Joye
 Dr. Randy Folks  Mr. Bill Sweeney
 Mr. Jack Haynes  Mr. Bruce Williams

The Diaconate

"To this office should be chosen persons of good character, honest repute, exemplary life, brotherly love, sympathetic nature, and sound judgement, and who are qualified under the standards recorded in Scripture." - Associate Reformed Presbyterian Form of Government

Chairman: Mr. William O. Higgins 
Chairman Elect: Mr. Elliott E. Powell
Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. Seth B. Davidson
The class year is the last year of the deacon’s three-year term.

Class of 2017

 Mr. Robert Baker III  David Massey
 Mr. Mark J. Baumgartner  Mr. Elliott E. Powell
 Mr. Christopher M. Blackwell  Mr. John K. Powell
 Mr. John F. Bunge  Mr. E. Wayne Ridgeway, Jr.
 Mr. P. Martin Cagle  Mr. Robert C. Satcher
 Miss Lauren E. Kozlik  Mr. Ronald H. Smith (Ron)
 Mr. Richard B. Lacy  Mr. Bradford P. Stutts
 Dr. Helen H. Laffitte  Mr. P. Scott Timmons

Class of 2018

Mr. R. Lee Blythe III   Mrs. Harriet M. Rice
Mr. Frank W. Cason  Mr. John H. Reading
Mr. Culver P. Choate, Jr.  Dr. Barton T. Swaim
Mr. R. Lee Drummond  Mr. Mark A. Waller
Mr. David E. Dubberly  Mr. Andrew Moore Wilson
Mrs. Sophia D. Dunbar  Mr. Jonathan W. Yarborough
Mr. Joseph M. Eller  Mrs. Carole K. Zimmerman
 Mrs. Susan D. Gibson  Mrs. Sandra L. Zimmerman


Class of 2019

 Mr. Rick Best  Mr. Rick Jackson
 Mr. Trevor Bowers  Mr. Billy James
 Mr. Walt Cartin  Mr. Paul Kent
 Mr. William Cason  Mr. Jason Luther
 Mr. Andy Chandler  Mr. Bill Marshall
 Mr. Benson Driggers  Mr. B.J. Unthank
 Mrs. Betsy Easterby  Mr. Kevin Vickery
 Mrs. Susan Gottshall  Mr. Les Wiser

Archive: Lists of Deacons and Elders who have served previously.

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